Many new players who participate in betting may still have questions like "what is a corner bet in football betting?". In reality, this is one of the most common and popular types of bets at many bookmakers, offering great winning opportunities for players. So if you have the same question as above about this type of bet, let's explore it together with Wintips!

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What do you know about corner bets in football betting?
Corner bet, also known as Corners in English at various bookmakers, is a modern and relatively new type of bet that has emerged in many major bookmakers. This type of corner bet is extremely easy to play, much easier than other types of bets like over/under or handicap predictions, and players don't have to think too much when placing their bets.
Due to its simplicity, high winning and payout rates, this type of bet is quite popular among the betting community at present. With corner bets, players only need to pay attention to the number of corner kicks in the match they want to bet on, and they can immediately know the outcome of their bet.

How many types of corner bets are there in betting?
One type of corner bet can have various subtypes, depending on different circumstances that occur during the match, making the range of betting options more diverse. Here are some popular corner bet types that bookmakers are currently promoting on the market and attract a lot of attention from players:

Full-time corners over/under
This type of corner bet may be the most popular and highly profitable corner bet that players are engaging in. In this bet, the bookmaker will provide a specific number for the total corners in the entire match. The player's task is simply to analyze the odds, make predictions, and determine whether the total number of corners will be over or under that specific number.

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Full-time corner handicap
This type of corner handicap bet also attracts a lot of attention from experienced bettors, and once you understand how to play it, it is very rewarding. In this bet, the player selects one of the two teams and the bookmaker provides the initial handicap ratio. For example, if the bookmaker sets the corner handicap at 2 corners in favor of Team A against Team B, and Team A actually earns 3 or more corners, then the player who placed the bet on Team A will win in this bet.

1x2 corner bet
The 1x2 corner bet belongs to the typical Asian handicap type, with 1x2 corresponding to three options: Win, Draw, and Lose. The player's task is simply to choose which team will have more corner kicks to place their bet.

Odd/Even Corner Bet
The odd/even corner bet is also extremely simple and straightforward, making it accessible to any new player. However, it should be noted that this bet relies primarily on luck, as it is based on whether the total number of corners from both teams in the match is odd or even to determine the outcome of the bet.
Other modern corner bet types
In addition, players will also have the opportunity to experience various modern corner bet types offered by bookmakers, such as betting on which team will have the first corner kick, betting on which team will have the last corner kick, betting on which team will have the next corner kick, or even betting on a match without any corner kicks.

Smooth corner betting tips from experts
Although corner bets are relatively easy to play, it doesn't mean that players can simply place random bets and expect to win. Here are some specific tips for playing corner bets:
Continuously research and analyze information, staying updated on football news and trends to facilitate easier betting decisions.
Smartly choose the appropriate type of corner bet for each match.
Allocate betting capital wisely and place bets in a reasonable manner.
Ideally, enter corner bets after the match has been underway for at least 10 minutes.
Prioritize selecting corner bets for matches with strong attacking tendencies.
Maintain a calm and stable mindset to make sound betting decisions.

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The above information from Wintips provides answers to the question that many new bettors are curious about: "What is a corner bet?" Understanding these corner bet types and employing suitable strategies will make this type of bet truly exciting and easier to play compared to many other types of bets.